Grundfos Pumps unveiled its Water Technology Center, a new facility for promoting innovative water research and developing sustainable solutions, on Sept. 20 in Fresno, Calif.

Niels Due Jensen, Grundfos chairman and son of the company’s founder, cut the ribbon at the official opening of the center, which offers a space for government, academic institutions and start-ups to share and gather information on irrigation, water monitoring, wastewater treatment and other water technology.

Ashley Swearengin, mayor of Fresno, applauded Grundfos’ investment in the city.

“Thanks to innovative companies such as Grundfos, Fresno sets the standard in water technology throughout the world,” Swearengin said. “With its new water technology center, Grundfos is further investing in commercializing new water technologies that can benefit our entire region.”

To promote innovation in the water industry, the center also will partner with groups like the International Center for Water Technology at Fresno State University, Central Valley Business Incubator and companies like Climate Minder and Aquacue.

Architect John Picard, renowned expert in building efficiency, said when it comes to water and sustainability, “Grundfos is the company I will work with into the future of protecting that resource.”

He said Grundfos “gets it” when it comes to the future of water.

“Their vision and their commitment is what we need to sustain water in this world,” Picard said.

The center will offer research entities access to Grundfos resources, helping to catalyze solutions to water scarcity challenges. It will function as a hub for linking research with business development.

The ceremony also featured addresses from head of the Water Technology Center Henrik  Skov Laursen, Central Valley Business Incubator CEO Kirk Nagamine and William Covino, provost of California State University, Fresno.