Consumers are being urged to take some simple steps on National Protect Your Groundwater Day, marked this Sept. 14, to help make sure water sources are protected.

To be able to prevent contamination, consumers need to be aware of common contamination sources in their households, such as cleaning products, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, etc., and learn how to dispose of them properly, according to the National Ground Water Association (NGWA). Among the association’s suggestions:
  • Do not pour chemicals down the drain or on the ground; instead, take to a hazardous waste collection.
  • Take used motor oil to a recycling center.
  • Do not flush medications or personal care items down the toilet, rather mix with coffee grounds and put them in the trash.
  • Check for leaky faucets, and have them fixed.
  • Water lawn and plants only as needed.
  • Install rain barrels.
In addition, the Water Quality Association (WQA) offers free online diagnosis tools – such as a “Diagnose Your Water” button – that let consumers figure out what might be affecting the quality of their water