Grundfos SQFlex pumping systems are providing clean water for tens of thousands of people in Haiti. During the first week after the disastrous earthquake, the first systems were installed; since then, several more systems have been added to provide water for the inhabitants of the capital of Port-au-Prince, and more pumps are arriving. Among others, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation is donating another 20 pumping systems.  

The SQFlex systems consist of SQ pumps driven by solar energy. In addition, a chlorine-cleansing unit is added to the system so the pumping systems can deliver clean drinking water immediately.

Since the earthquake, the American aid organization Water Mission International has been working intensively on installing purchased Grundfos SQFlex pumping systems in Haiti. The organization has cooperated with Grundfos for several years, and already was installing SQFlex systems in Haiti; it had four relief workers in Haiti when the earthquake happened. Together with a team of volunteers who were quickly flown to Haiti, they initiated work on finding suitable places to install the pumps. Seven days after the earthquake, the first two pumping systems already had been installed; to date, 12 pumps have been installed or have arrived in country to be installed. Additional 20 pumping systems are in transit and ready to be flown to Haiti.

In addition to these pumping systems, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation decided to donate 20 SQFlex pumping systems to the relief work in Haiti.