George Green III, chairman and CEO of Water Missions International (WMI), and his son George Green IV, vice president, recently met with Grundfos leadership at the world headquarters of Grundfos Pumps Corp. to explore new ideas to continue bringing clean drinking water to impoverished people throughout the world. The two companies share a common vision in their humanitarian efforts to provide safe drinking water to poor villages.

These efforts complement the Grundfos LifeLink project, which is dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to remote third-world countries, utilizing the Grundfos SQFlex submersible solar pump. Grundfos Pumps Corp., part of the Grundfos Group, is a global pumps and pumping systems leader serving the residential, commercial building and process-industry markets.

WMI is a nonprofit engineering organization based in Charleston, S.C. WMI’s mission is to provide sustainable access to safe water in developing countries and disaster areas, and to date, the organization has provided clean drinking water for more than 1.5 million people in 40 countries. WMI specializes in low-maintenance, solar panel-based pumping solutions and simple state-of-the-art filtration systems. For solar projects, WMI has chosen the Grundfos SQFlex solar pump as the dependable heart of the pumping system.

Grundfos and Water Missions International will continue building their partnership, and seek fresh approaches to complement their respective efforts in new, innovative ways.