Halliburton has acquired Geo-Logic Systems LLC. Founded in 1983, Geo-Logic Systems is a leading provider of advanced structural interpretation, analysis and restoration software for complex geologic environments.

Geo-Logic Systems’ software validates complex geologic interpretations by determining their physical possibility using its structural restoration and balancing capabilities. The software assists in analyzing and modeling fault seal characteristics, burial histories, and determining hydrocarbon migration pathways and accumulation zones, thereby enabling Halliburton’s customers to construct more accurate geologic models.

“The industry faces increasingly difficult exploration and drilling scenarios,” says Paul Koeller, Halliburton’s vice president of software and asset solutions. “The integration of Geo-Logic Systems offers geoscientists advanced modeling solutions to address the technical challenges of exploring in complex petroleum regimes, such as overthrust belts and the pre-, syn- (including sub-salt) and post-rift portions of extensional basins. In these complicated, poorly imaged plays risk reduction is of paramount importance.”