The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease coalition has presented a “Promising Practices” award to SJE-Rhombus, a manufacturer of water systems controls. The award recognizes the company’s LiveWISE program that provides wellness, fitness and nutritional assistance to employees. Participants in the LiveWISE challenges are encouraged to lose weight, exercise, quit smoking and eat better. As a result, SJE-Rhombus has seen a 31.5 percent reduction in health insurance claims. This left the company with $161,000 in claim dollars, and 40 percent of that was returned to employees for their Health Savings Accounts.

“SJE-Rhombus is exceedingly proud to receive the 2009 Promising Practices Award,” says SJE-Rhombus CEO Laurie Lewandowski. “Our organization has promoted a health- conscious workforce for more than 20 years. It began with the foresight of our leadership in building an on-sight gym and conducting annual health fairs back in the 1980s. Expanding on that culture, we have developed additional opportunities and incentives to improve and enhance the health of our employees now and into the future. With a great workforce that values each other and understands that healthy, active employees are the foundation of SJE-Rhombus’ success, we continue to encourage and drive our health initiatives.”