Have you recently purchased anything that was made in America? Almost everything is outsourced to other countries. The quality of many of these products is not up to American standards, yet they are allowed to be sold in the United States. I’m not saying that every product from other countries is substandard. These products simply are not tested or approved as U.S. quality products before entering our country.

You used to be able to buy a quality oilcan that that was made of metal, and would hold a quart of oil. I think it was built for railroads and the oilfields. Today, most oilcans are made of plastic or lightweight metal. They won’t hold much oil, and usually are broken or useless before being filled a half dozen times.

Go to most discount tool suppliers in your neighborhood, and the majority of the goods are cheap and of poor quality. Buy it, break it and buy another one!

We used to buy a tool, and if it broke it, we could have it repaired or repair it ourselves. I have some bolt cutters that are older than I am and still work great. I have been in a bind and forced to purchased bolt cutters from a discount tool supplier, and they broke before they cut the bolt – they were junk!

My daily schedule usually consists of: I wake up to my alarm clock (made in Japan) and while my coffee pot (made in China) is perking my coffee, I shave with my electric razor (made in Hong Kong). Then I put on my shirt (made in Sri Lanka) and my pants (made in Singapore) and my shoes (made in Korea). Then after cooking my breakfast on my electric skillet (made in India), I sit down with my computer (made in China) to review my schedule, news and weather for the day. After updating my Palm Pilot (made in Thailand), I check my messages and phone calls on my Blackberry phone (made in Mexico). I turn on my HDTV (made in China) to watch the news and weather. Then I get into my Pontiac Vibe (made by Toyota) filled with gas from Saudi Arabia, and proceed to my American job calling on drillers. When I return home from my workday, I put on my robe and sandals (made in Brazil), and pour myself a glass of wine (made in France), wondering why I have a problem selling a quality product made in America!

We wonder why there are no quality products and jobs in America today. Duh, everything is being imported, and our jobs are being outsourced. We have illegal aliens working for almost nothing and sending their money home to their relatives in other countries. I admire these people for sending their money home to help their families, however even our money is being outsourced. They are taking jobs from legal, unemployed Americans because they will work for almost nothing while living on almost nothing so they can help their families in other countries. Go to almost any United States Postal Service on Fridays and see foreigners getting money orders to send home to other countries. There go our American monies to support other countries.

Our government needs to wake up. Until our government puts controls on the amount of and quality of imports, the quality of America and employment in America will just continue to deteriorate. 

About one thing we can be confident: Water wells in America always will be made in America – but not necessarily only by Americans.