Trimble this month introduced the DPS900 Drilling and Piling System, which is designed to boost productivity while enabling safer operations for contractors.
“The system is so easy to use, an experienced drill operator can become proficient in typically 30 minutes,” said Alan Sharp, business area director of Trimble Software Solutions and Specialist Construction Systems. “Engineered for ease of use, Trimble DPS900 features streamlined drilling and piling workflows and an intuitive user interface designed for construction environments.”
The company's announcement came during the building and construction trades event Maskin Expo 2013 in Scandinavia.
The DPS900 improves safety by reducing the need for stakes, surveying and personnel near machines conducting drilling operations. Trimble says the system allows for precise depth, orientation and inclination while drilling. Reducing overdrilling gets the most out of bits and hammers, resulting in cost savings. The system also helps machines operate around the clock seven days a week an almost any conditions, minimizing delays from darkness or bad weather.
The DPS900 complements the Trimble Connected Site group of products, which includes the Trimble Business Center – HCE. The company says the office software gets a project started with accurate job estimates. Once production starts, the new Business Center – HCE Drilling and Piling module lets contractors create and find-tune piling and drilling plans. The module then wirelessly sends those plans to the DPS900 at the jobsite. Back at the office, Business Center – HCE tracks quality and production.
The DPS900 and the latest version of Business Center – HCE will be available in the third quarter of 2013, and will be supported by Trimble's global SITECH technology dealers.

Trimble, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has GPS and other positioning technologies available for workers in a range of fields. Its Heavy Civil Construction Division touts itself as a leading innovator for heavy and highway contractor solutions. For more information, visit