New engineering tool guides submersible pump selection for ground water remediation and landfill pumping.

A new free Web site has been launched to help environmental project managers and engineers choose the most appropriate submersible pumps for a broad spectrum of ground water remediation, landfill leachate and methane condensate pumping applications. Guidance in pump selection often is needed in these applications because of the many factors that can adversely affect pump performance, durability, maintenance requirements and interaction with other on-site equipment systems. The interactive Pump Wizard correlates numerous site-specific factors to manufacturers' specifications and operations and maintenance instructions for the major submersible pump types available.

Offered by QED Environmental Systems, the Pump Wizard evaluates alternative pump types, including automatic air-powered pumps and piston pumps, as well as electric pumps for each unique site factor and assigns overall ratings for each pump for the specified application. You can visit the new site at