A new children’s book focusing on water management and conservation has been developed by Ewing Irrigation.

Ewing Irrigation, Golf & Industrial has partnered with WeWrite LLC to develop a children’s book focusing on water management and conservation. “All Dried Out”, a book written by kids, for kids, explores the issue of water as a limited resource, and follows a set of twins on an adventure to explore the causes of a water shortage as they attempt to find solutions to this very important problem.

“We are very excited about this project,” states Douglas York, president of Ewing Irrigation. “This is an amazing opportunity to unite our passion for education, conservation and family in the spirit of promoting awareness of the value of managing and saving water in outdoor environments.”

Sixteen children from California, Arizona, Colorado and Texas were invited to participate in a book-writing workshop held in October 2005 at Ewing’s corporate office in Phoenix. The children, ages 8-13, received a brief, general introduction to the topic of water use, and then were encouraged to brainstorm and act out portions of a story.

Every child contributed to the storyline, describing scenes, identifying issues faced by characters, and developing dialogue with minimal guidance from a workshop facilitator. The result is a softbound, full-color, 68-page book that includes tips from professionals and water facts to spark young imaginations as they tackle water management issues.

Funded by Ewing Irrigation, with support from the Irrigation Association Education Foundation, “All Dried Out” soon will be available for purchase through distribution sources, bookstores andwww.wewrite.net.