The "Product Info" items that garnered the most interest last year.

This month, we're highlighting 20 products featured inNational Drillerover the past year that have generated the most interest from our readers; based on requests for information, these were the most popular. In case you missed them the first time around, here's another opportunity to take a look at those items that captured your colleagues' attention.

Constant Pressure System

Grundfos Pumps' SmartFlo SQE Constant Pressure System is designed to automatically adjust water pressure to meet your needs. Its computer-controlled components monitor water demand and adjust pressure to meet it. The control panel displays system status and allows you to manually adjust pressure when needed. A compact system, the SmartFlo is comprised of a pump, a small pressure tank and control panel. Grundfos Pumps, Card No. 238

Constant Pressure Pumping Stations

Chameleon constant pressure pumping stations, manufactured by Cycle Stop Valves Inc., feature a mechanical soft start and stop, constant speed pumps and no variable frequency drives. These pumping stations are available with 1-gpm to 10,000-gpm flow ranges. Standard construction includes submersible, turbine or centrifugal pumps, single or multiple pumps, silent check valves, modulating pressure relief valve, isolation valves, heavy steel skids and powder coating. Standard controls include pump panels, mechanical on/off pressure switch, mechanical low discharge pressure switch, overload protection and phase loss and low voltage protection. These stations come fully tested and preset. Cycle Stop Valves Inc., Card No. 239

Longer Stroke Mast Assembly

SIMCO announces the availability of a new, longer stroke mast assembly for the EP200 direct push/probe rig. The new mast provides 72 inches of net stroke. Now 5-foot augers and 48-inch push samplers can be driven into the ground in one stroke. This new option is available on new rigs and as a retrofit on many older EP200 models. SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc., Card No. 240

Hydraulic Planetary Winches and Drives

Pullmaster Winch Corp.'s hydraulic planetary winches come with a bare drum line pull range of 1,100 pounds to 75,000 pounds. The planematic range of hydraulic planetary drives provides an output torque range of 50,000 pounds/inch to 136,000 pounds/inch. Both hydraulic planetary winches and drives are available with a comprehensive range of options such as rapid reverse, free fall and external brake release. Pullmaster Winch Corp., Card No. 241

Complete Pump Line

A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Co. offers a complete line of pumps that includes bronze, stainless steel, high-flow stainless steel and turbine submersible pumps, jet pumps, centrifugal pumps, sump pumps, emergency back-up sump pumps, effluent pumps, sewage ejectors and dewatering pumps. A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Co., Card No. 242

Threaded Well Casing

ShurAlign threaded well casing manufactured by Modern Products Industries Inc. features male and female threaded ends, enabling a solvent-free joining system. Constructed with optional solid or slotted walls, this well casing ranges in size from 4 inches to 8 inches and is available in all Schedules. It meets or exceeds -480 degrees F requirements and is NSF-approved for potable water. Tensile strength tests for the product exceed 10,000 pounds in joint strength. Modern Products Industries Inc., Card No. 244

Pre-Charged In-well Water Tank

The No-Tank by In-Well Water Technologies Inc. presents a new alternative for the standard pressure tank. Designed to fit 5-foot or larger wells, this in-well water tank can be installed with either a variable or constant speed pump. Appropriate for residential, farm and light industrial applications, the pre-charged No-Tank uses a stainless steel construction with a heavy-duty butyl rubber bladder. It features consistent water pressure and the elimination of pump or tank noise. The design of the No-Tank also reduces installation time as well as the amount of piping exposed. In-Well Technologies Inc. Card No. 245

Catalog for Drilling Tools

Rockmore International announces the publication of a new comprehensive drilling product catalog for mining, construction, quarry and water well companies. Featuring more than 1,500 items, the 111-page, full color catalog has been designed for easy product look-up. The catalog is organized by industry categories such as “extension drilling,” “DTH equipment” and other drilling systems. Other new sections feature carbide grinding accessories and new designs and concepts for hole reaming tools. Product specification and application information is printed in four languages: English, Spanish, German and French. Rockmore International, Card No. 250

Sulfur Odor Removal

The Simplus System from Master Water Conditioning Corp. presents a solution for sulfur odor removal. This system uses a manganese-based filtration media that acts as a catalyst to oxidize and trap the precipitated sulfur; it automatically starts a regeneration process of backwashing and rinsing to remove the sulfur. A chlorine tank accompanies the filter to occasionally introduce chlorine into the unit during the regeneration cycle to clean the media. There are no air separator tanks or vents to clean, as the system functions without air injection. Master Water Conditioning Corp., Card No. 251

High-capacity Submersible Pumps

Flint & Walling Inc.'s Commander line of submersible pumps now includes 35-, 55- and 85-gpm models. Featuring 304 stainless steel suction and discharge castings, the Commander Plus series is designed to be impervious to most aggressive water situations such as low pH and chemicals in the water. Additional product features include stainless steel pump shell, suction screen, cable guard, mounting ring screen, discharge head with safety rope eyelet and hex drive shaft. Flint & Walling Inc., Card No. 243

Self-contained Viewing System

The Well Vu by Nature Vision Inc. is a self-contained viewing system for well or other down hole applications that reads to 1⁄10 of a foot. Features include a 11⁄2-inch diameter camera, rheostat-controlled lights on the camera, on-screen digital footage display and on-screen GPS coordinates, a 12-volt motorized rheostat-controlled cable spool and 1,000 feet of Kevlar-reinforced cable. The system operates on a 12-volt DC battery, comes with a field tripod and is shipped ready to operate without needing any extra components. Nature Vision Inc., Card No. 247

Drill Compressor

The Sullair drill compressor line in-cludes single-stage and two-stage air ends, components and complete modules from 160 cfm to 3,000 cfm, up to 500 psi in selected models. The compressor system uses a single power shaft and is integrally mounted to a common gearbox. A Sullair rotary screw drill compressor offers a simple compression cycle and operates with no wearing parts, ensuring rotary screw dependability. Other features include two available drive methods, capacity value control, quiet operation, full instrumentation and protective switches. Sullair Corp., Card No. 249

Submersible Solar Pump

Kyocera Solar Inc.'s SD series of submersible solar pumps can be installed below water level in a pond, river or cistern, or installed by hand into a ground water well. They operate on 12 to 30 volts of direct current that may be supplied from a variety of independent power sources, including solar panels and/or batteries. Designed for use in stand-alone water delivery systems in remote areas, these pumps are engineered to be pollution-free, corrosion-resistant and quiet. Kyocera Solar Inc., Card No. 256

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The Marlo TFC-25m reverse osmosis drinking water system can be installed on well or municipal water systems to reduce the contaminants in drinking water. The system's specialized sediment/carbon prefilter filters out chlorine and protects the automatic shut-off and membrane from clogging with debris. The thin film composite reverse osmosis membrane rejects a high percentage of impurities while the activated carbon filter removes any remaining tastes and odors. The system also provides a water quality monitor to confirm the system is working properly. Marlo Inc., Card No. 252

Decorative Rocks for Landscape Enhancement

Dekorra Products' decorative rocks are used to conceal utility equipment in the residential landscape. They are installed by placing the rock over the device and securing the rock with provided ground stakes. Adding decorative stone, mulch and some plants can further enhance the installations. With a number of styles available, model 101 shown here assumes a classic shape and comes in three natural colors - fieldstone, riverbed and baja cresta. Measuring 31-by-26-by-21 inches, its applications include well and septic pipes to 18 inches, centrifugal pumps, small pump systems, backflow assemblies and small buried utilities. Dekorra Products, Card No. 248

Downhole Video Inspection

The new SlimCAM R22 downhole video inspection camera from LAVAL Underground Surveys is designed for applications as small as 2 inches and as large as 10 inches in diameter. Only 1.85 inches in diameter, 33 inches long and 14 pounds, it fits most single-conductor cable systems and integrates easily with most control systems. Solid-state circuitry and full-function remote controls for camera view, focus, light intensity, iris and side-view rotation make this camera useful in water wells, boreholes or vertical shafts. LAVAL Underground Surveys, Card No. 253

Waterwell Inspection System Is Portable

CCV Engineering & Manufacturing presents its portable waterwell inspection system. The system includes a dual-view or single-view camera, a keyboard for on-screen tilting, 500- to 2,000-foot cable, an electric-powered winch with on-screen depth and a tripod or casing top roller. Some additional features include a control unit, VCR, monitor, audio recording and a forward or “fishing” lighthead. The system comes complete with a one-year warranty. CCV Engineering & Manufacturing, Card No. 258

Shock Absorber

Drillco Tool's shock absorbers for DTH hammers protect the rotary head by reducing the effect of the energy reflected from the ground. The tool absorbs longitudinal vibrations originated when drilling with DTH hammers of large diameter and with high working pressures, while it also absorbs transverse vibrations originated when drilling large diameters in fractured ground. The shock absorber reduces the maintenance of the rotary head assembly and can be used in any type of drilling equipment. Drillco Tools, Card No. 246

PVC Products Designed for Environmental Monitoring

The 1-inch schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC screens, risers, caps, plugs and points from I.E.S. Drilling Supplies are flush joint threaded and designed with the probing industry in mind. With screens and risers available in any length, screens come in 0.010-, 0.020- and 0.030-inch slot sizes. The hi-flow screen design is intended to provide maximum open area while retaining strength and rigidity. Cleaned at the time of manufacture, these products arrive sealed and ready for installation. I.E.S. Drilling Supplies, Card No. 259

Water Pressure Booster System

Davey USA's new HS multi-stage, pressure-booster system is controlled by the Hydrascan, providing constant and high-pressure water flow. It is engineered to achieve a strong, even flow to improve the performance of showers, faucets, washing machines and irrigation systems. The system boosts incoming municipal water pressure by 40 psi to 50 psi. Designed to be compact, quiet and easy to install, this system's applications include all residential needs, including boosting existing well systems. Davey USA, Card No. 255