Of the hundreds of product information items we've presented in the last year, these were the most popular, as determined by the number of readers requesting more information. If you missed them the first time around, here's another chance to learn more about the products your peers found most interesting.

Flexible Water Supply System

Grundfos introduces a new renewable energy source-driven solution to the world water supply market. Grundfos' SQFlex pumping system represents a reliable, affordable alternative for those living in remote locations. As the name SQFlex suggests, flexibility is key to the system's new technology. Essentially, the pump can run optimally using a variety of energy sources. There are three possible power supply options -- SQFlex Solar, SQFlex Wind and SQFlex Combo (a combination of the two) -- allowing maximum benefit from local weather conditions. Furthermore, the system's low hydraulic requirements offer the customer energy efficiency, and full system backup possibilities ensure that the water supply never fails. Grundfos, Card. No. 169

Under Reaming Bits

Numa has recently expanded its range of the Super Jaws Under Reaming Bits. Capable of drill-ing holes from 57/8 inches to 489/16 inches in diameter, Super Jaws is an under reaming wing bit design made for simultaneously setting casing while drilling in unconsolidated rock formations of boulders and loose strata. Numa, Card No. 170

Compact Rig
SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc.

The SIMCO EP200/ATV is a ruggedly built, compact package to get drillers in and out of hard-to-access sites. It features a hydraulic probe hammer with bit pressure control, auger drill head, 42-inch net stroke with 20-inch mast slide. The rig is carried by a John Deere Pro Gator 4-by-4 with a 26-Hp gas engine that provides a top speed of 19 mph. It has capacity for the rig, tools and two people. SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc., Card No. 171

Solid Augers
Mills Machine Co.

Solid augers from Mills Machine are manufactured with thick steel flighting and a heavy steel center shaft, and have a variety of cutting heads available. Used for utility, industrial, mining and construction applications, the augers are available in diameters from 31?2 inches to 48 inches. The normal length is 5 feet, with 3- and 4-foot lengths readily available, and special lengths as required. Mills Machine Co., Card No. 172

Pressure Tank
Sta-Rite Industries Inc.

Signature 2000 fibrewound pressure tanks from Sta-Rite Industries Inc. are lightweight for fast, one-person installation. Top access allows for easy servicing without removing the tank. The tank is constructed with a one-piece molded inner liner inside a composite outer shell that is unaffected by ozone or UV, will not rust, corrode, dent or scratch. The Signature 2000's FDA-approved air cell is resistant to chlorine and will not contribute to bacteria growth. Sta-Rite Industries Inc., Card No. 173

Aluminum Mud Pump
Centerline Manufacturing

Centerline Manufacturing, manufacturer of hydraulic drive mud pumps constructed of cast steel, announces a new line of aluminum mud pumps. The aluminum models will weigh about half as much as the steel models, but will be the same size and volume ratings of the steel models. Three models are available. The single cylinder aluminum model, which is rated at 150 gpm, weighs 595 pounds. The aluminum duplex rated at 300 gpm weighs 1,190 pounds, and the aluminum triplex rated at 450 gpm weighs 1,785 pounds. Each model is offered in 750- and 350-psi versions. Centerline Manufacturing, Card No. 174

Percussive Drilling Hammer
Driltech Mission LLC

Driltech Mission utilizes mirror-impact technology in its Mission 6 DTH percussive drilling hammer. The hammer's piston and drill bit shapes help optimize the drilling process, and the Mission 6 requires no bit foot valve, no make up rings and no moving air control valve. It also has a reversible piston case and a lubricated 12-spline shank. Driltech Mission manufactures a full line of DTH percussive hammers with capabilities of drilling holes from 33?8 inches with a Hammerdril XL 3 to 43 inches with a Hammerdril XL 32. Driltech Mission LLC, Card No. 175

Well Cleaning Brush
Cotey Chemical Corp.

The Cotey Well Cleaning Brush is designed to agitate, surge and scrub simultaneously. It features interchangeable brushes that clean from 4- through 16-inch ID casing. The brush can be used in all types of water well casing, can attach to cable or pipe, and is self-cleaning. The "floating" brush design helps ensure free movement and virtually eliminates binding or "hanging up" inside the casing. Two models are available -- the J200 Well Cleaning Tool, made for 4- to 6-inch casing, and the J400 Well Cleaning Tool, for 8- to 16-inch casing. Cotey Chemical Corp., Card No. 176

Mini Bladder Pump
Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc.

In conjuction with with the United States Geological Survey, Geotech Environmental Equip-ment Inc. has designed the original bladder pump and further developed what is known today as the Geotech family of bladder pumps. Geotech now intends to make sampling from small diameter wells easier with its new 0.675-inch diameter bladder pump. The company has manufactured water sampling, analysis, filtration, remediation and field supplies since 1978. Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc., Card No. 177

Backreamers Are Versatile
Melfred Borzall

Backreamers from Melfred Borzall are designed to get through a wide range of soil conditions -- from clay, to sand, to rock. The Crusher Reamer has aggressive saw-tooth carbide cutting blades that rip through hard, dry soils and cobblestones. Its tapered, low profile design helps minimize binding on loose rocks. The Crusher especially is suited for river crossings and other jobs where gravel, sand and cobblestones are encountered. Melfred Borzall, Card No. 178

Vertical Turbine Pumps
Wolf Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps from Wolf Pumps feature a cast iron discharge case and a bowl shaft that is either stainless steel or chrome plated. Cast iron discharge head assemblies range from 3 inches to 10 inches. The impeller is bronze, balanced to reduce vibration, and either semi-open or enclosed. These pumps are available in capacities from 75 gpm to 3,500 gpm, with bowl sizes from 6 inches to 15 inches. Wolf Pumps, Card No. 179

Submersible Pumps
Weber Industries Inc.

Webtrol 4-inch thermoplastic submersible pumps from Weber Industries Inc. feature injection-molded glass-filled Noryl motor bracket and discharge; an oversized stainless steel pump shaft; heavy wall stainless steel pump housing; polycarbonate diffuser and plate with molded in stainless steel wear ring at suction point; and Noryl and stainless steel check valve (brass is optional). Weber Industries Inc., Card No. 180

Aeration System
Action Manufacturing and Supply Inc.

For the removal/reduction of gases -- hydrogen sulfide, methane, radon, volatile organic compounds and odors -- from potable water, Water Guard, a division of ACTION Mfg. and Supply Inc., manufactures the Duke Aerator. With the Duke, well water enters the unit from the well pump and is sprayed through the non-clogging nozzles, creating a fine mist, thereby releasing the gases from the water. With the indoor model, gases are then vented outside through an exhaust blower. The system contains a submersible pump to supply water to the building. Standard features include rust-free fiberglass constructions and an easy-clean gel-coated exterior. Action Manufacturing and Supply Inc., Card No. 181

Water Filtration
Ozone Pure Water Inc.

Ozone Pure Water Inc.'s C.A.R. filtration line is a cartridge filter that is designed to remove an unlimited amount of iron, manganese, sulphur clay, sand, silt, sediment and slimy biofilm from water. It also is intended to eliminate the need for multiple backwashes per day, meter backwash valves, clean water backwash and water wasted on extensive backwashes. Specifications include diameters up to 5 inches, lengths 10 inches to 72 inches and microns 1 to 200. Ozone Pure Water Inc., Card No. 182

Reverse Osmosis System Available

Aquacheck offers the Water-Safe 10B-ASO reverse osmosis system, which is designed for chlorinated water supplies and handles 10 gallons per day. Features include 5-micron, 10-inch polypropylene filter housings, a 10-inch granular activated carbon post filter, a 3-gallon storage tank with ball valve, automatic shut-off valve and a precision-controlled flow restrictor. All units are bench tested and storage tanks sanitized. Aquacheck, Card No. 183

Potable Water Pipe
PW Pipe

Used by municipalities and independent contractors alike, Pure-Core products from PW Pipe are made of premium polyethylene resins formulated for conveying potable water. Available in 1?2- through 2-inch sizes, the Pure-Core pipe meets the requirements of ASTM D 2239 and is listed for potability to ANSI/NSF Standard 61. The pipe features a natural core with a carbon black exterior and is available in a variety of coil lengths. PW Pipe, Card No. 184

Ultraviolet Purification
Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp.

The SANITRON brand of Ultraviolet Water Purifiers from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp. have flow rates ranging from 120 gal./hr. to 25,000 gal./hr. These stainless steel units come standard with a dual-action wiping mechanism to facilitate the periodic cleaning of the quartz sleeve without interruption of purifier operation, and they conform to the U.S. Public Health Service guidelines. Units also feature fused quartz sleeves to help ensure maximum lamp output regardless of water temperature; glowing sight port, which provides continuous visual indication of lamp operation; and convenient drain plug for easy drainage of chamber. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp., Card No. 185

Reverse Osmosis System
Filtration Concepts Inc.

Filtration Concepts Inc. offers its new Max Q, a reverse osmosis water making system designed to give the user total control of the system's functions from a remote location. The control system features a great deal of information on a backlit digital readout in a small compact frame or modular configuration. Filtration Concepts also has improved the components of its systems, which now include 5-micron pleated pre-filters that would cover 50 square feet of surface area and a high-efficiency 1?2-Hp low-pressure pump. Filtration Concepts Inc., Card No. 186

Water Softener
Sigma Water Systems

For environmentally restricted areas, Sigma Water Systems offers the AQA Total, an alternative to salt-based water softeners. This water conditioner requires no monthly maintenance since there are no filters to change or salt to buy. The system also does not discharge salt or brine into the environment, and it allows the drinking water to retain all its valuable minerals. Sigma Water Systems, Card No. 187

Water Level Meter
Heron Instruments Inc.

The Heron Water Tape is manufactured to be easy to use, easy to read and easy to clean. It has a 300-foot polyethylene tape reinforced with Kevlar. The measuring tape is wound on an aluminum reel mounted on a tubular steel frame. The 5?8-inch probe is made with stainless steel and Teflon, and is full-depth rated. The tape comes with a 12-month warranty. Heron Instruments Inc., Card No. 188

Chlorinating System
B & B Chlorination

B & B Chlorination helps treat water problems at the source with the Mark I Dry Pellet Chlorinator. The Mark I mounts directly on top of the well to drop chlorine pellets into it. As the dry pellets sink into well water, they begin to dissolve immediately and release chlorine throughout the entire well. The chlorine oxidizes iron and manganese ions, controls iron bacteria, and eliminates foul-smelling corrosive hydrogen sulfide. B & B Chlorination, Card No. 189

Windmill Pumps
Hitzer Inc.

The Heller-Aller windmill pumps are designed to pump well or cistern water to a depth of 300 feet. The Heller-Aller model 50L two-way and model 660 (shown) three-way pump give the customer the option of a water supply at the pump or to another building. Hitzer Inc., Card No. 190

Self-cleaning Filters
Amiad Filtration Systems

Made for low- to medium-flow applications, Amiad Filtration System's Scanaway filters are designed to clean themselves. The assembly is built of Polyacetal and has a central scanner with hollow wings facing the inner side of the filter screen. With the flushing port open, a turn of the handle rotates the scanner inside the screen, sucking the dirt from the screen surface and expelling it. This is done during the filtering process. The Scanaway has a red button that pops up signaling that it's time for cleaning. The filters are available in 2- and 3-inch diameters and can handle flow rates up to 180 gpm. Amiad Filtration Systems, Card No. 191