This month we're featuring direct push products.

Longer Stroke Mast Assembly

SIMCO announces the availability of a new, longer stroke mast assembly for the EP200 direct push/probe rig. The new mast provides 72 inches of net stroke. Now 5-foot augers and 48-inch push samplers can be driven into the ground in one stroke. This new option is available on new rigs and as a retrofit on many older EP200 models. SIMCO Drilling Equipment Inc.

For Limited Access Probing

The Model 540B from Geoprobe Systems uses a compact, skid-steer loader as the carrier/power source. Designed for rough terrain and limited-access probing, it has all the movement features of truck-mounted machines, including hydraulic extension in and out from the carrier unit, hydraulic tilt for angle probing and power lateral movement. The Model 540B comes equipped with remote ignition and hydraulic quick connects for easy connection to the unit’s hydraulics. Geoprobe Systems

Full Line of Augers
and Components

Mills Machine offers a full line of hollow stem and solid flight augers and auger components. Hollow stems are offered in double or triple key type (standard or heavy duty) with sizes ranging from 21⁄4-inch to 121⁄4-inch I.D. and solid flights in standard hex or threaded connection in sizes ranging from 31⁄2 inches to 12 inches in diameter. Auger cutter heads come in a variety of styles utilizing carbide fingers, spades, blades and bullet cutters. All of the products can be custom manufactured to meet your exact requirements. Mills Machine Co.

Versatile DPT Machines

Fugro’s Direct Push Technology (DPT) units are hydraulically powered, percussion/probing machines designed to drive small diameter sampling tools directly into the subsurface without the production of investigation-derived wastes. The tools are advanced by static hydraulic force coupled with a percussion hammer. This advancement system typically is capable of pushing sampling tools at a penetration rate of 5 feet or more per minute, and typically to depths between 30 feet and 60 feet. Under optimal soil conditions, depths in excess of 100 feet have been reached. Fugro’s DPT units are capable of collecting ground water, soil and soil-gas samples. Small diameter wells and piezometers also can be installed. Furgo Geosciences Inc.

Direct-push Unit

AMS Inc.’s VTR Pro PowerProbe direct-push unit offers over 47,500 pounds of pull up capability and 33,000 pounds of available down force. The hydraulic lateral side-to-side movement and the in-and-out movement enable the operator to work in an area without continuously moving the carrier vehicle. The addition of an 80-inch probe stroke allows for the use of 5-foot tooling. The 9630 VTR Pro also features a 175-foot/pound hammer with the option of upgrading to a top 25 hammer, and its variable speed, 5,000-foot/pound auger-motor will permit easy access through surface conditions not suited to direct push penetration. AMS Inc.

Water Level Meter
For Narrow Diameters

Designed for measuring depth to water in narrow diameters, the Solinst coaxial cable water level meter has markings adhered in 1-foot or 5-foot intervals, a brake, carrying handle and an on/off sensitivity switch. Other products include the sturdy tag line and well casing depth indicator. Solinst Canada Ltd.

Liners for Macro Core Sampling

ESP Environmental Service Products Inc. now offers direct push liners for continuous core soil sampling through its distribution network. Used for macro core sampling, these liners are said to be produced from the highest grade PVC available and match or exceed performance levels of higher priced liners. ESP’s current line of liners consists of MC heavy duty, medium wall and dual tube liners, with additional sizes to be added soon. ESP Environmental Service Products Inc.

PVC Products Designed for
Environmental Monitoring

The 1-inch schedule 40 and schedule 80 PVC screens, risers, caps, plugs and points from I.E.S. Drilling Supplies are flush joint threaded and designed with the probing industry in mind. With screens and risers available in any length, screens come in .010-, .020- and .030-inch slot sizes. The hi-flow screen design is intended to provide maximum open area while retaining strength and rigidity. Cleaned at the time of manufacture, these products arrive sealed and ready for installation. I.E.S. Drilling Supplies

Acoustic Well Probe

SA Electronic Inc.’s acoustic well probes enable automatic, non-intrusive surface to water level measurement. Models 10A and 30A are micropressor-based instruments that calculate readings by using sound waves to determine water levels within seconds. Portable and battery-powered, the probes display results with digital, LCD readouts. Other features include quartz crystal time bases for stability and accuracy, low battery indicators and deep drawn aluminum cases with gasket-sealed covers. These acoustic well probes can be used in both clean well applications and irregular well configurations.
SA Electronics Inc.

PrePak Screen for Metals Sampling

GeoInsight’s new, patented PrePak metals screens and jackets are said to allow fast, easy installation of temporary or permanent small diameter wells. They can be used with the widest range of drilling, probe and CPT equipment. With no metallic components, they are designed to permit accurate ground water sampling for metals analysis. Ready-to-use 3⁄4-, 1-, 11⁄4-, 11⁄2- and 2-inch ID metals screen models come mounted on 5-foot sections of 0.010-inch slotted schedule 40 PVC pipe, compatible with the complete system of GeoInsight annular seals and drive points. The 2-inch models have a slim 2.8-inch OD to fit inside 3 1⁄4-inch ID hollow stem augers and large diameter direct push casing. GeoInsight.