Ingersoll-Rand, Jubilee Booths HGF-4 and -5

The T3W water well drill features state-of-the-art hydraulics, large volume coolers, premium quality gauges, heavy steel decking, self-adjusting breakout wrenches, proven heavy duty derrick fabrications and dependable specifications ratings. The T3W is a combination air/mud hydraulic tophead drive drill designed for water well applications utilizing either rotary or downhole hammer drilling. The standard 32-footderrick, as well as the optional 38-foot DHD, dual wall, or casing hammer derricks, have a centralizer that opens to accommodate up to 16-inch casing. For deeper, larger diameter holes, a new 35-foot deephole derrick is available with 50,000 pounds of pullback. This package includes 3-inch piping, a high torque rotary head, and a 20-inch opening for handling larger casing and tools.