Texas A&M University, the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (TAES) and the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), a component of TAES, have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CDT Systems Inc., a Dallas-based water technology company. The MOU creates a five-year partnership to provide basic concepts and procedures to provide programs of research, technology development and outreach between CDT Systems and TWRI. This MOU is based upon a working relationship established in October 2003 between CDT, TAES, TWRI and Texas A&M's Global Petroleum Institute, which resulted in continuing desalination testing programs with the Texas Water Development Board.

CDT, TAES and TWRI will cooperate to develop comprehensive programs to achieve maximum efficiency in desalination and water treatment technologies. The parties will cooperate in the execution of the programs by providing the resources needed for the testing, evaluation and field usage of desalination technologies; where possible, the parties will consolidate and disseminate research results to cooperating industries and to the scientific community. The parties also agree that the implementation of this MOU can be best achieved by locating the planned CDT manufacturing facility in the Bryan-College Station, Texas area; therefore, either party may provide equipment, financial and other resources as may be mutually agreed upon and needed.

The Texas A&M Board of Regents also has approved the creation of a graduate program that will allow Texas A&M students to obtain Master and Doctoral Degrees in Water Management.