This month, "For Openers" discusses used rigs and reminds us Jubilee is quickly approaching.

There are a lot of considerations to take into account when purchasing a used rig and each drilling contractor's needs are unique.
A major theme in this issue is used drilling rigs. Two of the industry's leading columnists weigh in on the topic as Porky Cutter covers “Purchasing Used Equipment” and Wayne Nash offers a common-sense approach to things with “On Selecting Used Rigs”. Both articles provide valuable insight into a very important issue. Purchasing the right used drilling rig can play a major role in a drilling contracting firm's success story; spending a lot of money on the wrong machine can spell disaster. Do your homework and you can find the right rig at the right price.

One place where you can glean a whole bunch of information on used drilling rigs is right at your fingertips. In the typical “Marketplace” classified advertising section of National Driller, you'll find somewhere close to 500 used rigs being offered for sale - by fellow drilling contractors as well as distributors/suppliers. Most of the rigs listed do not include an asking price, but of the 15 percent to 20 percent of those that do list an asking price, the average figure is just a shade more than $100,000. You can do a lot of comparing and contrasting so you can make informed decisions during the shopping process.

And the process works the other way, too. The very information that would be sought by folks looking to purchase a used drill rig would equally serve the best interests of a person in position to sell a used drill rig.

The Jubilee is one of the premier events of the industry.

Jubilee Is Nearing

The 49th annual South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee takes place July 31 to August 3 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in South Carolina. As most of you know, the Jubilee is an outstanding conference and trade show for drilling contractors and associated water quality professionals, featuring workshops, rig displays and OSHA sessions.

We can't overstress the value of this important industry event; if at all possible, make plans to attend - you'll be glad you did. To register or to get more information, telephone 540-740-3329 or visit And even if you can't make it (that's most of you), you still can share the spirit of Jubilee and reconfirm the pride, professionalism and perseverance that your industry demands and deserves.

Note to golfers (of all play levels - from scratch players and former champions to hackers, duffers and general menaces to the course): The place to be Sunday, August 1, is at the Myrtle Beach National Golf Club for National Driller's annual golf tournament. Regardless of your skill level, the one thing everyone has in common at this event is a great time. Call Dean Laramore at 800-874-4245 for all the details.