National Driller September 2005 e-Newsletter

Ground water, fun? You bet! That's the goal of the National Ground Water Association's (NGWA) new program for children, Ground Water Adventurers, which can be found at

The program for children in kindergarten through 12th grade makes an adventure out of exploring the world of ground water with brain ticklers, puzzles, fun experiments and more. The purpose of Ground Water Adventurers is to educate children about ground water.

"We hope Ground Water Adventurers will help children learn about the vital role ground water plays in the world," says NGWA Executive Director Kevin McCray.

To whet the appetites of Ground Water Adventurers, the program will serve up Ground Water Gorp (slang for trail mix) - a newsletter that contains a mix of kid-friendly fun, facts and more. Ground Water Gorp will be accessible at

The Web site also includes Hydroblog - a Web log where children can post messages about ground water topics and questions.