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National Driller August 2005 e-Newsletter

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. (NGP) has reported that they have acquired geothermal leases on 6,500 acres of private land covering the "Crump Geyser" and an extensive hot spring system in southern Oregon. The leases are on private land, and NGP has free access on the surface for exploration and development and the right to lease land required for the plant site, production well field, pipelines and transmission line right of ways.

Geothermal assessments by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management in 2003 ranked the Crump Geyser Known Geothermal Resource Area as highly favourable (a "top pick") for near-term geothermal power development. In the mid 1980s, Gordon Bloomquist visited the site on behalf of the Bonneville Power Administration; at that time, geothermometry indicated source water temperatures of 365 degrees F and the resource potential was estimated at 85 MW.

"The new Crump Geyser geothermal project is a significant acquisition for NGP and a new core holding," says Mr. Fairbank, CEO and president. "The addition of the Crump Geyser geothermal site to our resource base is strategic to NGP becoming a significant explorer and developer of geothermal power in the western United States. The much-anticipated new U.S. Energy Bill, which is expected to contain a significantly improved Federal Production Tax Credit for geothermal, allowing a longer time frame to bring new geothermal power to market, further enhances the timing of the Crump Geyser acquisition."

At Crump Geyser, a 1680-foot-deep well drilled by Magma Power company (in 1959) spontaneously erupted a few days after it was abandoned by Magma. The well flowed 500 gallons/minute of boiling water 200 feet into the air continuously for six months before reverting to a spectacular geyser erupting at regular intervals. In the 1960s, the well was plugged with rocks stemming the geyser flow, however boiling water still rumbles at depth and boiling water bubbles to the surface.

The Crump Geyser is located in the Warner Valley, Lake County, immediately and north of Adel, Oregon. The Crump Geyser is within the northern part of the Basin and Range rift terrain, which also hosts the Blue Mountain geothermal project.