Editor Greg Ettling reveals the results of ND's poll question: Which year was best for your firm?

The good news continues - drilling contractors responding to National Driller's on-line monthly poll in September (found at www.drilleronline.com) tell us that this year has been quite good for business. We asked: Which year was best for business at your firm - 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002? 2002 - even though it's not even over with yet - was by far the most popular choice. Nearly 40 percent of the respondents said 2002 was the best of the last four years, business-wise. And nearly one-quarter of those participating in the poll said that 2001 was their best year. That means almost two-thirds of the drilling contractors involved in the poll report that business has been best in the past 22 months. The off year was 2000, which received only 17 percent of the vote for "best year." Twenty-two percent said that 1999 was their best year of late. Those are very encouraging numbers. Here's hoping that when we do the same poll next year, 100 percent of drilling contractors will say 2003 was their best year.

Do you have an idea for a National Driller Web poll question? We have one (sometimes two) every month so we're always looking for new ones. Drop us a line with your suggestions.

Welcome Aboard

This issue introduces a new member of the National Driller editorial staff. Elizabeth Fuhrman is your new associate editor, replacing Melanie Mace. We somehow couldn't talk Melanie out of accepting a full scholarship for a master's program at the University of Chicago to become a teacher. Those of you who met Melanie know the world will be a better place with her teaching our kids.

While we'll miss Melanie, we're delighted to have Elizabeth on board. Her background is quite solid and she brings with her an enthusiasm that is highly contagious. The transition has been seamless and the industry will only benefit from her contributions.