On episode 117 of Ask Brock, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy tries to put himself in the steel-toed shoes of women working in the drilling industry. What challenges do women face entering — and staying in — the drilling industry? Men dominate many construction-related fields, but Yordy says it doesn’t have to be that way.

“It’s the cultural norm that is the challenge that we have to break,” he says.

We can break down that cultural norm in ways big and small, he says, from how we interact with colleagues to how we hire into the industry.

“The right person is the person with passion, love for the industry and a want to do it right,” he says.

But, he’s quick to add that, as a card-carrying man, he can observe industry culture and be the change he expects to see for his own daughter, but that his role is really to champion the women out there doing the work. Click the video to hear more.

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