ND explores some of the newest pump technologies makins a difference in the drilling industry.

A quick tour of the pump exhibits at recent drilling industry events revealed some new technologies that are making life easier for both contractors and their customers. Here we present a few examples in case you might have missed the opportunity to see them.

The SandHandler features a hex rubber bearing, allowing sand and abrasives to pass through for improved bearing performance.

Check Valve

Jacuzzi Brothers, Little Rock, Ark., recently added a new internal check valve to its line of thermoplastic and stainless steel SandHandler submersible pumps. This new check valve is spring-activated to ensure a positive opening and closing, and a tight seal. It also features a patent-pending retainer for easy removal of the check valve, making the pumps field-serviceable and allowing complete access to the check valve for cleaning and/or removal. Also new to the SandHandler line is an intermediate bearing that provides improved shaft stability.

The Commander Pro 75 package includes all major components necessary for a complete installation in just one carton.

Complete Systems

Flint & Walling Inc. (F&W), Kendallville, Ind., offers pre-packaged systems to bring simplicity to the constant pressure water system market. All the major components needed to install an efficient constant pressure system are contained in one package. Flint & Walling worked with Franklin Electric, Bluffton, Ind., to develop the Sub-Drive 75 units that are used as the controller in the Commander Pro 75 packages. F&W introduced the system initially in models covering 7-, 10-, 19- and 27-gpm configurations. The latest addition to the line is the CP75-3503, capable of pumping 40 gpm at 50 psi from shallow settings. The systems are designed to provide flows of 3 gpm to 53 gpm, and pressures ranging from 25 psi to 80 psi, depending on the model chosen.

The complete SQFlex pump range consists of seven different pump sizes; four centrifugal and three helical rotor pumps.

Remote Access

The SQFlex system offered by Grundfos USA, Olathe, Kan., is designed to deliver a reliable water supply to wells at remote locations. The SQFlex system can be configured to operate off a 1,000-watt wind turbine, arrays of solar panels or a combination of the two, and interface with a gas-fueled generator as a backup. The seven pump models consist of four centrifugal and three helical rotary pump options. This can be an ideal system where electric utility services can't reach isolated livestock wells or depleted ponds or for light irrigation or domestic water supply at remote locations. The system is configured by combining a fully integrated series of modular components that are lightweight, easy to install and low in maintenance.