National Driller's new editor, Greg Ettling, gives you an open invitation to have your voice heard and impact the industry.

I've only been around for a few weeks, but I have to tell you - you people in the drilling industry are driving me crazy. Your behavior has caused me no small amount of confusion, and apparently it's an industry-wide epidemic.

Everyone I've met so far has welcomed me like I'm some kind of honored guest. At the same time, however, I've also been made to feel quite comfortable - like one of the family. That's a rare combination to achieve and it speaks volumes about this industry.

This confusion over being a guest vs. a family member is quickly tempered by the reality that I am really neither - everyone's just been exceedingly kind.

My real role is more accurately that of a curator. What you see when you visit a museum or art gallery isn't the curator's property; it's owned by the museum or gallery. The curator is charged with taking proper care of the contents - making sure it's presented in a professional and interesting way, that it is seen in the best possible light, and, most importantly, that people derive the maximum amount of enjoyment and value from their visit.

I'm the curator of National Driller. My job is to take proper care of its contents - making sure it's presented in a professional and interesting way, ensuring that the industry is shown in the best possible light, and most importantly, seeing to it that people derive maximum enjoyment and value each month.

Yes, technically speaking, the publishing company owns the magazine, but that's just because of copyright filings and other legal mumbo jumbo designed solely to keep the attorneys busy. The magazine, for all practical purposes, really belongs to the drilling industry, and its contents always will reflect that. As such, you are given an open invitation to have your voice heard and to impact the industry.

You can send us letters for publication; you can send us letters not for publication. Do you have a good idea for an article? Do you want to write your own article? Send us a copy of that interesting photo; share that entertaining anecdote. Would you like to participate in industry roundtables or interview articles or surveys? Drop us a line any time. Let us know what you like and what you think should be improved or eliminated. I look forward to comments, questions, ideas, suggestions and all other contributions.

This is an exciting time in the drilling industry. I consider it my privilege to be able to tag along and share in the experience, while providing you with the editorial coverage you want, need and deserve.

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