Stainless Steel Pump Models

DP-Pumps has introduced three new totally stainless steel models in its DPV(S) range of vertical multistage centrifugal pumps: the DPV(S) 24, DPV(S) 32 and DPV(S) 45. The DPV(S) 32 and DPV(S) 45 types have maximum operating pressures of 348 psi and 363 psi and maximum capacities of 174 gpm and 254 gpm, respectively. The DPV(S) 24 is equipped with a low-speed motor, making it specifically suitable for environments where a low noise level is desirable. The maximum capacity of this pump is 133 gpm and its maximum operating pressure is 142 psi. DP-Pumps, Card No. 294