Check out Notice anything different? Yep, it's pretty much everything. It's our next step in making sure National Driller isn't just another boring industry publication.

We did kind of a soft relaunch a few days back. I know I like it, and I hope readers will too. It's a major change that makes it easier to share the latest news, product details and feature stories with readers. The new site takes the stories and industry know-how readers rely on us for, and organizes it better. The new site also improves the looks (and, let's face it, looks are important). I invite readers to take a few minutes out of their busy work day to visit the new online home to National Driller. Register, and put it through its paces. Moving a mud truck full of information from one site to another can mean little spills here and there, though. So, let me know if anything seems out of place.

I want to highlight a few things I think you'll like. First, we've organized all the stories into markets: water wells, mining, oil and gas, geothermal, etc. That'll make it easier for readers in specific sectors to find news and information they need to stay up to date and help them make business decisions. Second, we now have a really cool photo gallery section. A few months back, I put out a call for pictures of rigs from yesteryear. I got plenty of submissions, and I'm adding more, so click through and get all nostalgic with me. We've also collected our Parting Shots from the last year or so into a gallery, so you can see all those in one place. Follow the link in this paragraph, or click Multimedia then Photo Galleries once you're on the site.

One last thing, for the manufacturers and suppliers out there. We now have a new product submission form right on the website. Submit a name and description of a product, send us a picture and we'll tell readers all about it. It's that simple.

These changes will help us, as a publication, keep pace. Readers demand a lot these days. They want information, want it now and want it wherever they are, whether that's on a computer in the office or on a smartphone while waiting in line at a favorite takeout joint. National Driller wants to be there for you. So, cruise the site. Then send your thoughts--love letters or hate mail--to

Stay safe out there, drillers.