I'm going to speak with Peter Annin, author of The Great Lakes Water Wars, hopefully this afternoon. But don't forget to check out other interviews from the recent MGWA convention.

I mentioned before that I was working to set up an interview with Peter Annin, author of The Great Lakes Water Wars. I saw his presentation at the recent Michigan Ground Water Association convention. I’m finally getting a chance to connect with him today. He talks a lot about issues of water access and says, in effect, water is the new oil. I guess that makes water well drillers the new wild-catters.

I’ll post my interview with him to www.thedriller.com soon. In the meantime, readers can hear more about him in this NPR story, and in this video that his publisher put out.
Readers will also want to check out my interview with Fred McAninch, the “Rig Doctor.” He can save you money. And, I’m in the process of writing up my interview with attorneys Tim Williams and Adrienne Knack, so you can look for that story soon.
Tomorrow’s the first day of spring, so I’m sure business in the northern climates will pick up soon. But, we have lots of good industry coverage in store, so don’t forget us during the busy months.
Stay safe out there, drillers.