In Episode 114 of 'The Driller Newscast' with your host, Brock Yordy, we kick off with a critical focus on risk assessment and risk mitigation, aiming to prevent injuries and equipment damage in the field. In featured news, Brock explores the ongoing impacts of climate change in 2024, the recent cancellation of climate change policy in Florida, and the uncertain future of the Inflation Reduction Act post-November 2024 elections. The episode's highlight is a compelling interview with Bill Nowak from the New York Geothermal Organization, discussing the importance of state and national education and the power of state advocacy groups in promoting geothermal energy.

Also covered in this episode:

  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation: Preventing injuries and equipment damage
  • Climate change impacts in 2024
  • Florida cancels climate change policy
  • The fate of the Inflation Reduction Act after November 2024
  • The importance of state and national education, geothermal, and an interview with Bill Nowak

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