At the heart of PDAC 2024, the world-renowned mineral exploration and mining convention, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jade Bayuz, a distinguished member of the drilling community from Pontil Drilling. 

As an event that has continually grown since its inception in 1932, PDAC has become the go-to gathering for those vested in the mineral industry, offering unparalleled educational programming, networking, and business opportunities.

Bayuz, who embarked on her drilling career after graduating from Fleming College’s drilling and blasting program in 2015 and completing her Earth Resource Technician program in 2014, shared her insights and experiences from the convention floor. Here’s what she had to say:

The Driller: How are you finding the show so far, Jade? What's been the highlight for you, and is there anything you're particularly looking forward to seeing?

Jade Bayuz: The drills, without a doubt. It’s fascinating talking to the drill manufacturers and seeing their latest advancements. This diamond drill from the South African exhibit has exceptional safety features, especially around the rod handler. 

It's impressive, and I recommend checking it out. Honestly, I've pretty much seen everything I wanted to, but the enthusiasm from everyone here is contagious. I attended a networking event this morning and met someone working with bacteria for drilling applications – his passion was truly inspiring.

The Driller: It’s great to hear about your experiences, especially as a female in the drilling industry. You’re a Fleming College graduate, right?

Jade Bayuz: Yes, that’s correct. I graduated from the drilling and blasting program in 2015 and completed my Earth Resource Technician program a year earlier, in 2014.

The Driller: It’s truly awesome to meet fellow Fleming College alumni, especially women making their mark in the drilling world. It’s been wonderful getting to know you, Jade. I hope you enjoy the rest of the convention.

Jade Bayuz: Thank you, Rachel. It's always a pleasure to connect with fellow industry professionals and alumni. The show has been fantastic.

Jade’s enthusiasm and insight provide a small glimpse into the vast world of drilling and mining, reflecting the spirit of innovation and community that PDAC 2024 embodies.

 From cutting-edge technology to the passionate individuals behind the scenes, this year's convention has once again proven to be a melting pot of ideas, paving the way for future advancements in the industry.