If you’re coming to 2023 Groundwater Week, great. If not, get here if you can. In this show preview, we talk about what to look for at the show, hear from Mac Nehring of Civista Leasing & Finance about growing fleets, then wrap up with Aaron Mauer of Matrix Drilling Products

Host Brock Yordy and Mauer cover a lot of territory, from rare earth minerals to geothermal (and IGSHPA’s Groundwater Week pavilion). 

“Yeah, it’s exciting how the industry is sort of making a name for itself,” Mauer says of geothermal. “People are stepping into it going, ‘Hey, I'm going to buy a rig, I’m going to partake in this, or I’m going to pivot. Instead of doing traditional water well work, we’re going to start looking at how we can do geothermal.’ ” 

This episode covers: 

  • The National Ground Water Association’s 2023 Groundwater Week event 
  • What to see at Groundwater Week 2023 
  • Groundwater Week’s IGSHPA pavilion 
  • 3 Things to Know about Equipment Financing 
  • NGWA’s Awesome Aquifer program
  • The 2023 American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) convention

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