Trenchless installation, rehab and replacement manufacturer HammerHead Trenchless has released the newest addition to their product line: Heliam Scrim Liner.

In a release, the company says the Heliam line of reinforced liner minimizes longitudinal stretch and assures accurate inversion lengths.

“Heliam is engineered to reduce overshooting, so our customers can hit their exact mark without going into the main or needing to remove excess liner,” says Tara Schroeder, product manager for HammerHead Trenchless. “The product requires lower inversion pressure, making it easier to invert onsite.”

HammerHead says the new scrim liner can be used with all CIPP curing methodologies, a trait reflected in the name: heat (HE), light cure (LI) and ambient (AM).

“With Heliam in your shop, you have a versatile product that can accommodate the curing needs of any job with added peace-of-mind of knowing you have an effective, reliable liner,” Schroeder adds.

Currently available in diameters of 4-inch and 6-inch, Heliam Scrim is suitable for straight shot applications and bends up to 45 degrees. The product will be available in either dry rolls or pre-wet out options and sold in two roll lengths: 165 feet and 330 feet.

Heliam is tested and certified to meet and comply with industry installation standards, including ASTM F1216. “Heliam has gone through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the quality standards our customers have come to expect from HammerHead,” Schroeder says. “It will perform as expected with minimal shrinkage that achieves the goal of a quality product that extends the life of the pipe.”

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