In this episode, host Brock Yordy talks to Sebastian Valente of Rancho Drilling in Temecula, California. Yordy met Valente on the floor of the tradeshow at Groundwater Week in Las Vegas, Dec. 6-8, 2022. Valente had just gotten title to his new TH60, and was “excited about the prospects” and the work available in California. It’s Ask Brock episode 191.

Yordy asks the question this week, about the hurdles involved in drilling water in the Sunshine State amid the historic drought.

“Do you find the water, first of all? That’s one of the big ones,” Valente says. “Then, how many wells you can get on a property, time for permits, that kind of thing. There are a lot more restrictions.”

Still, he says the bureaucracy is worth it for sustainability the policies represent, particularly in the current historic drought.

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