On episode 118 of Ask Brock, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy talks about what he looks for in a drill rig. What are the most important things to look for?

“When I’m looking at what’s most important to me with a rig, it’s the future. Understanding that this is going to be the piece of equipment that gives me the greatest return on my investment, is reliable, efficient, safe, and increases my profitability so that I can continue to grow.”

Other considerations include user-friendly controls, safety features high hands-free operation and rod handling, ease of mobility and versatility.

“Is this piece of equipment something that I can train, that can be versatile, that is able to do 80% of my work really effectively, safe and efficient, and do a little bit of work outside of that scope?”

He also touches on Tier-4 and electric powerplants. Click above to hear more.

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