Today’s episode gets into the perception of drillers within and outside of the groundwater industry. Anchor Brock Yordy interviews Dave Schulenberg of NGWA about his upcoming talk on the subject at Groundwater Week. We also have a featured professional interview with Mike Steffen of Steffen Well Drilling. It’s episode 39.

“I often have to remind agency members and employees that that they are working with groundwater professionals,” Schulenberg says. From regulators familiar with groundwater to those outside the drilling profession the perception, Schulenberg says, often discounts the knowledge and experience industry folks bring to the table.

This episode covers:

  • Dual-rotary drilling
  • Mud and air rotary drilling
  • Dual-rotary vs. mud rotary in overburden
  • Public perceptions of drillers and groundwater professionals
  • Elevating groundwater professionals, other trades in and out of the industry
  • Licensure for water well drillers, pump installers and other professionals
  • PFAS and other “forever” chemicals
  • Groundwater professionals and critical infrastructure
  • Water policy differences between U.S. states

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