On this week’s episode, host Brock Yordy talks about a recent signal boost for groundwater and drought issues from “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver. The HBO show did an episode June 26, 2022, all about the water shortage in the U.S. West and how it impacts people there. It’s Ask Brock 168.

“This is a big voice and a big megaphone, and we need more of this,” he says. “It’s great education and you’re going to laugh.”

And Brock lays down a challenge for the “Last Week Tonight” host: give us more water coverage, and he’ll donate $500 to the environmental charity of Oliver’s choice.

So, help us out, audience. Share this episode on your favorite social media with the hashtag #waterwaternoteverywhere, and tag or mention HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.” Let’s make a difference together.

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