In episode 105 of Ask Brock, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy talks about why he’s “spooked” about a number of factors that add up a topic he returns to regularly: a “global water crisis.” It’s a situation, he says, that requires serious attention inside and outside of the drilling industry.

“By 2025, we’re going to see a giant chunk of the world’s population very challenged by water scarcity and access to clean water.”

Growing populations. Drought. PFAS and other emerging contaminants. Old infrastructure. Health effects. Hampered productivity. Zero day events, where entire cities or regions ration water. All of these things paint a grim picture, Yordy says.

“It’s a situation that we need to take seriously,” he says, “and it’s not just a third-world situation.”

Yordy adds that groundwater has a massive role in meeting the demands of an ever-increasing global population. Drilling professionals have the tools and talent to rise to the challenge and provide that water.

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