This episode continues our conversation with drilling and geothermal consultant Tom Moffitt. The former sales and product line management at Atlas Copco (now Epiroc) has experience spanning water well, mining and geothermal drilling. We touch on the supply chain, what to consider if you customize your own rig and other topics. It’s Drilling In-Site episode 45.

“With the supply chain issues today, trucks are probably the biggest issue. When I was at NGWA, I talked to a couple of the manufacturers and you’d hear stories: ‘We ordered 24 trucks, and the manufacturer told us we’re getting 12. If you don’t like it, take your business elsewhere.’ Unfortunately, the industry is small.”

He adds that market-dominating players — think Caterpillar or even Wal-Mart — can swoop in and order hundreds of trucks, leaving drill rig manufacturers wanting during times of supply chain upheaval.

This episode covers topics like:

  • How drill rig manufacturers customize equipment for different regions.
  • Aftermarket alteration on drill rigs.
  • Supply chain challenges for manufacturers.
  • How to get safety buy-in from the drilling industry.
  • What to expect from the future of drilling rigs.

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