Equipment manufacturer Epiroc has added a range of charging products to its portfolio to support mining customers transitioning to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). 

“We want to be a total solutions provider when it comes to our customer’s electrification journey, providing everything from battery conversions and BEV to related services and infrastructure,” says Fredrik Martinsson, commercial manager Rocvolt, Epiroc. Rocvolt is the company’s batteries-as-a-service business area.

In a release, the company says product offerings encompass several fixed and mobile models to ensure any-time charging availability. Chargers come with a connectivity option, which allows customer to monitor connected batteries remotely. With connectivity, Epiroc service technicians can also apply software updates to critical systems when necessary — another advantage.

Epiroc says it offers charging products globally, supported by trained Epiroc service technicians and backed up by service agreements available at different levels. The charging products portfolio includes lifting tools for Epiroc batteries as well consultation on the design of charging bays. The company displayed the new chargers at the 2021 MinExpo in Las Vegas.

Epiroc serves customers in the mining, infrastructure and natural resources industries in more than 150 countries. It develops and produces drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment, and also offers services and consumables. For more information, visit