Running heavy equipment doesn’t require a master’s degree. Heck, with a little training, it doesn’t require any higher education. But what benefits can advanced education bring to the jobsite?

For Drilling In-Site, episode 34, hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy talk to Jake Fletcher. Fletcher served as a senior leader on the U.S. Air Force’s RED HORSE well drilling training program. He’s currently a captain in the Reserves, and is on track to get a master’s degree in construction management. He writes about leadership in the construction sector for The Driller, and discusses the value of advanced degrees.

“What I encourage folks to do is to pursue things they’re actually passionate about, and I’m very passionate about construction,” Fletcher says.

He says he values his program’s mix of business education and construction project management principles.

This episode covers topics like:

  • Why advanced education may be a good path for some drilling and construction professionals
  • The value of knowing how to read contracts your drilling business enters into
  • Seeking out proper legal advice when entering into major drilling contracts
  • Catering drilling contracts to individual projects
  • Managing the stress of major drilling projects
  • Work/life balance for construction professionals
  • Mental health in the construction industry
  • “Feeling” safe versus actually acting safe on construction jobs
  • Stop work authority on construction jobs

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