This week on Ask Brock, episode 125, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy takes a few minutes to honor the men and women working in drilling and construction industries. On this Labor Day weekend, he tips his hat to the hard-working folks moving projects from idea to execution.

“We do a lot of long days, a lot of distance away from family, long hours missing out on what should be why we’re working,” Yordy observes. “We work to play hard, to live hard, to enjoy life. That’s what’s important about Labor Day. It’s a great reprieve.”

He recommends people take a breath and enjoy time with family and friends. Take the time off if you can, so you can return geared-up mentally for the next couple of months leading up to winter (in North America) and the holidays.

Brock and the whole The Driller family applaud those out there doing the work-a-day jobs that need doing. Enjoy your Labor Day and stay safe out there.

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