Have you taken a job knowing that the project engineers wanted you to drill with one hand behind your back? Drilling “mud” has a bad PR agent, and engineers designing projects can bring bias against mud rotary to the table. So, how do you push back? On this Ask Brock, episode 123, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy has tips for making the case that mud is OK, particularly when it may be the best tool in the box for the job at hand.

“We need to default to ‘trust,’ and figure out why there’s a hesitation to using drilling mud versus the way that they would expect us to drill this well,” he says. “

“We have to show that our tribal knowledge is an engineered solution that we’ve documented over time. … We have to show. We have to educate, we have to pull the curtain back.”

In this episode, he also talks about minimizing impact to porosity zones, PAC polymers and other topics. Click above to hear more.

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