Contributor Brock Yordy joined the National Driller team at the National Ground Water Association’s Groundwater Week 2019. This is one of several interviews recorded live at the event for our Ask Brock video series.

In episode 57 of Ask Brock, our host speaks with Jeff Williams, former NGWA president, MGWC, CVCLD, and vice president of Spafford & Sons Water Wells in Vermont. He’s also this year’s McEllhiney Lecturer. Since his lecture series focuses on tools to succeed on the financial side of the drilling business, we asked him about tips for making your company more sustainable.

“I think that financial stability is one of the things we overlook a lot of times,” Williams says. “There’s always a shinier object, right? There’s always something more important.” Well, he has ideas for contractors to use for adding polish to those balance sheets to keep cash flowing.

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