Trevi S.p.A., a division of Trevi Group, has secured new orders for work worth $86 million euros ($96 million USD) in the United States and elsewhere. New projects for the specialty deep foundations and geotechnical works contractor include safety work on the Herbert Hoover Dam in Florida and foundation works of the new headquarters of the Foundation Medicine in Boston.

North American subsidiary Treviicos will handle the Florida and Boston projects. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently awarded Treviicos an additional task order for the rehabilitation of the Herbert Hoover Dike, which surrounds Lake Okeechobee in southern Florida. The new work continues several projects previously completed or currently being carried out by Treviicos along the dike. The overall contract includes the installation of a cutoff wall (for water cutoff) that extends for about 4 miles along the dike with depths reaching 30 meters. The methodology used, a combination of mechanical clamshell bucket and cutter under self-hardening mixture (Self Hardening Slurry - SHS), was developed and implemented by Treviicos for the first time in the industry during the first phase of the rehabilitation of the banks of the dam.

Treviicos also acquired the foundation works for the 400 Summer Street project in Boston, Massachusetts. The intervention consists of the foundation works for the new headquarters of the Foundation Medicine, a biotech firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The intervention presents many logistical and technological difficulties, given that the site is located adjacent to the interstate tunnel 90, which imposes strict movement criteria on the job. The foundation will consist of slurry wall, load bearing elements and bracing works.

In addition to the U.S. work by Treviicos, parent company Trevi has a major project for foundation works for the new Drammen rail tunnel in Norway. The project is complex, crossing a densely populated residential area with heavy traffic and several interferences on steep surfaces. It will provide a new 10-kilometer double-track railway, 7 kilometers of which will be in tunnel.

Trevi also acquired minor projects in Nigeria, Argentina, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.

The CEO of the Trevi Group, Giuseppe Caselli, expressed his satisfaction with the latest acquisitions: “Although we have been engaged in the relaunch of the Trevi Group just for a few months, these first, concrete signs confirm that the turnaround impressed on the group is starting to give the desired outcome.”

“With regard to the relaunch, we are focusing on the core business of the foundation works and the considerable experience and technological expertise acquired in over 60 years by the Trevi workforce. … This will allow the group to continue playing an absolute leading role on the world market of special foundations. In particular, the recent acquisition of the fourth tranche of works for the safety of the Herbert Hoover Dike, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, confirms Trevi’s great ability to be able to face complex technological challenges that require innovative solutions.”

Trevi Group works in special foundations, tunneling, soil consolidation and other soil engineering projects, and builds rigs to serve those markets. The group is also active in the drilling sector, in oil, gas and water, in both products and services. It was established in Cesena, Italy, in 1957 and now has branches in over 80 countries. Brands under the group include Trevi, which specializes in soil engineering; Petreven, the oil drilling division; Soilmec, which produces and develops plant and machinery for soil engineering; and Drillmec, which produces and develops drilling rigs for oil, gas and water. For more information, visit