Cetco introduced the Quad Power polymer drilling products at this fall’s International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Quad Power polymer drilling products are a line of super-concentrated drilling fluids for short distance/small diameter HDD bores. The company says the color-coded polymer drilling system is easy to use and allows utility contractors to quickly and efficiently drill through various soil types. The new fluids can be mixed and matched, even in alternating ground. The plastic pouches produce limited waste compared to bulky plastic jugs, making clean up easy when moving from site to site. Cetco says these ultra-concentrated products are designed for real drillers in all sorts of tough ground.

Non-bentonite fluids have their limitations; Quad Power polymer drilling products, or any polymer product alone, should never replace bentonite-based drilling fluids for larger-diameter, longer-bore shots or exceptionally challenging and high-risk projects.

Quad Power polymer drilling products include Power-Base, Power-Clay, Power-Sand and Power-Terge.

For more information on the new range of products, visit www.cetco.com/dpg.