Wyo-Ben, a provider of drilling fluids to the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market, announced new “convenience-sized” packaging for four of its most popular products. The company’s CLAYMASTER, DRILL-X HP, WYO-VIS HP, and WYO-LUBE RR will now be available in small, easy-to-handle, 64-oz pouches.

“Customers with smaller bores don’t need the larger-sized product packaging that has long been standard in the industry,” says John Wornom, Wyo-Ben vice president of sales and marketing. “We’ve listened to customer input and are now making products available in sizes that are better-suited to the smaller jobs.”

According to Wornom, the new no-mess packaging makes mixing easy and minimizes waste. But while the packaging is new, the products are the same Wyo-Ben solutions trusted for years on the largest bores.

CLAYMASTER keeps clay cuttings from sticking to each other and drilling tools while reducing or eliminating swelling of the bore. It also significantly reduces rotation and pullback pressures. DRILL-X HP acts as a secondary thinner to lower fluid viscosity and aid in dispersing clays. It can be added to fluids to keep bits and tooling clean and enhance lubrication properties in the system. WYO-VIS HP is a highly concentrated, quick-mixing clay inhibitor that builds viscosity and shields clay and shale formations, prevents bit balling, and reduces torque. WYO-LUBE RR is a premium drilling fluid lubricant that reduces torque and drag while increasing penetration rates. It extends the life of drill rods, bits and equipment by reducing wear, and it increases control when steering.

“These quick-mixing, field-proven fluids make every bore more effective and efficient, protecting your equipment and boosting your productivity, “Wornom says. “And since quality Wyo-Ben products are highly concentrated, you can always do more with less, saving you money in the long-run.”