UK-based drilling rig manufacturer Dando Drilling International released a new medium-depth rotary rig aimed at the geotechnical, geothermal, water well and exploration drilling sectors.

The Jackal rig, designed to have a small footprint, is available in 4-, 6- and 10-ton pullback versions, the company say in a release.

Dando says the rig can perform augering, standard penetration testing (SPT), wireline coring, Geobore S, rotary air blast, reverse circulation, Aircore, DTH and open hole mud rotary drilling. The Jackal is available with a range of rotary heads, engines and pumps. It is mounted on a 1.6-meter-wide crawler unit to track across rugged terrain and into limited-access areas. It easily fits into a standard shipping container for transport.

It features hydraulic side shift, with optional floating spindle, for making and breaking tool joints. A hydraulic head tilt is also available. The rig also can drill inclined boreholes up to 45 degrees and has a stay bar system to offer additional mast support for angle drilling.

The rig comes with double breakout clamps and an optional mast foot casing jack, to maximize retraction force for extracting casing or drill tooling.

The Jackal also has a swing-out control console to boost safety and allow operators an optimal view of the borehole. The console stows easily for when the rig needs to move or be repositioned.

Dando Drilling International, based in West Sussex, England, manufactures rigs for water well, mining, geotechnical and geothermal markets. For more information, visit