Technical Toolboxes, a global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, launched its new Horizontal Directional Drilling PowerTool (HDDPT).

The HDDPT, an advanced software solution for horizontal drilling projects, enables safe and efficient pipeline drilling, reaming, and installation at road crossings, bodies of water and railroad right of ways. The HDDPT applies to the design and construction phases of a pipeline and is engineered to successfully execute projects through design insight and planning, minimizing excavation complexity, lowering costs, preventing borehole collapse, and monitoring drilling or pulling operations.

The product adds value in various applications including natural gas, petroleum, water and sewer lines, telecommunications and electric power lines.

Drew Lafleur, chief technology officer of Technical Toolboxes, says, “The HDDPT builds on the success of our horizontal directional drilling toolbox software. Our HDDPT, however, features greatly improved functionality, including geographic information systems (GIS) and integration. We are very excited to see the HDDPT establish itself as a valuable asset in the field.”

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