Compliance with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations has significantly increased the cost of new drilling rigs. While the ability to reduce emissions is attractive in the highly regulated drilling industry, the extra costs of compliance have left some contractors uncertain about the affordability of a new rig and its possible impact on the bottom line. 

Remanufacturing is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to purchasing new equipment for price-conscious contractors and those who prefer the ease of lower-tier machine operation and maintenance.

Same as New, but Costs Less

Updating a drilling rig with a remanufactured air compressor may not cut your carbon footprint, but it will cut your costs. As an example, a remanufactured XHP1170 offers the same pressure rating and cfm volume as a Tier 4 Final model, but at a fraction of the price. Purchasing a remanufactured XHP1170 can net an estimated 20 to 60 percent cost savings compared to buying a new Tier 4 Final XHP1170. In fact, if tier level isn’t a factor, the main difference between the two machines is the price. 

How Remanufacturing Works

Each remanufactured Doosan air compressor receives a remanufactured engine of the same tier classification as originally equipped, as well as a factory reconditioned airend. The base frame and separator tank receive a total makeover, completely removing the paint and then re-coating with the same paint process used for new machines. External components, including sheet metal, doors and lights, as well as internal components, such as all coolers, sensors, hoses and piping, are replaced. Brakes and wheel bearings are replaced, and a new wiring harness is installed. New fluids are added and filters are replaced. Some remanufactured machines can also be retrofitted with factory-installed options. Each machine is reassembled along the same assembly line, following the same protocol as new machines. All Doosan remanufactured air compressors are factory tested to ensure proper operation before shipment. 

Remanufactured air compressors typically also come with a same-as-new warranty. For Doosan Portable Power, that includes one year or 2,000 hours on the package; a manufacturer warranty on the engine; standard warranty of two years or 4,000 hours on an airend; or an airend extended warranty of five years or 10,000 hours with the use of Doosan filters and fluids. Other manufacturers generally offer similar warranty packages for remanufactured machines.

Available Inventory

Some programs offer more than one way to take advantage of the remanufacturing option. For example, customer-owned air compressors or units originally manufactured by Doosan or Ingersoll Rand are eligible to be remanufactured as part of the Doosan Portable Power program. At the same time, customers can purchase air compressors that have been through the remanufacturing process and are in stock at the factory. 

In other words, you won’t have to wait weeks for your air compressor to be restored. And you don’t have to be an existing customer to take part in the program. 

A remanufactured air compressor is an affordable and reliable addition to your drilling operation. It’s a practical, low-cost alternative to fixing an older machine or buying new. The like-new machine provides a significant cost savings while delivering the capacity and capability for the task at hand.