Kyle Courtney, a groundwater industry expert and current owner of Wellstar Groundwater Technologies, has announced the launch of

MyWaterWell is a SaaS application designed to serve the needs of commercial and residential groundwater professionals, community water systems, regulatory agencies, individual well owners and more.  

According to Courtney, the application is the first ever graphically-based information management system to be used in the groundwater industry.  

“Like most innovation, MyWaterWell was born out of necessity," says Courtney. "Our decades of experience have taught us what's needed, and we're excited to bring a practical solution to help solve one of our industry's greatest challenges.”

This announcement comes in the middle of National Groundwater Awareness Week, declared by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA) from March 11-17.

"Everyone should be concerned about groundwater, and we hope that our technology can make a significant impact in preserving it more efficiently," says Courtney.

MyWaterWell has entered final beta testing and will be available for subscriptions in the spring of 2018.

Courtney has been in the business of drilling water wells in Texas for over 30 years. As a licensed driller and pump installer, he has drilled over 600 wells in the region. Over the last five years, he has worked with regulatory bodies along with some of the most prominent groundwater monitoring scientists and systems in the country to study the science of groundwater in Texas. He has been either directly or indirectly involved with technical projects in Texas relating to well yield studies and aquifer storage and recovery systems.