The new American Augers M-300D HDD fluid cleaning system features a small trailer size and supports any make of the 60- to 100-ton drill unit. The M-300D is based on American Augers’ portable M-200 platform and offers a 300-gpm fluid-cleaning capability.

The system’s 300 gpm flow rate is achieved through “next level” cleaning system technology, says Richard Levings, American Augers director of product management. “The technology other systems have utilized for years just can’t manage this rate of flow. The M-300D is based on a state-of-the-art, single-derrick shaker design and four screens using patented Pyramid technology. The result is that the M-300 not only provides a true, first-cut 300 gpm capacity but maintains one-half percent sand or less in fluid returned to the hole; that’s exceptionally clean.”

Its small footprint and quiet operation make it useful in urban and suburban locations. It is also designed to offer durability in regular off-road use, towed behind heavy equipment.

Other M-300D features include a tank agitation system that keeps all solids suspended in the tank and three function-dedicated pumps that ensure consistent high-level fluid-cleaning performance throughout drilling operations.

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