A new cloud-based platform is taking advantage of smart technology to help manage water rights. Aquaoso is launching a beta version of its water trading platform, which connects buyers and sellers of water rights.

"We are excited to bring advanced technology to water managers in California," says Christopher Peacock, CEO and founder of Aquaoso, and a 20-year veteran of the water sector. "The beta version of our platform is an essential stepping stone for us to reach since our ultimate goal is building a resilient water future and sustainable communities by unlocking the true value of water."

Aquaoso combines knowledge of water markets with smart sensors and big data to reimagine how all stakeholders manage, trade and view water resources. The platform helps customers research, identify, manage, buy and sell water rights while significantly reducing costs and risk. Through market intelligence Aquaoso is designed to enable smarter water markets and watersheds.

"Individual farmers, irrigation districts and groundwater sustainability agencies will benefit from Aquaoso’s cloud-based solutions that provide transparency and insights into water rights transactions which enables smarter water management," Peacock says.

Aquaoso is a Sacramento, Calif.-based public benefit corporation. Its mission is to build a water-resilient future through advanced technologies. The Aquaosos water rights management and trading platform provides transparency and insight into water right transactions for all stakeholders. The platform enables smart water markets with data and IoT devices to increase the efficient allocation of water while enhancing stakeholder value. To learn more, visit www.aquaoso.com.