In November 2016, Equipment Corporation of America (ECA), a foundation Equipment distributor, was appointed ALLU’s dealer for advanced soil stabilization equipment range. Following that ECA visited ALLU’s factory in Finland in April to see how the range is manufactured.

ECA’s foundation construction equipment supply history in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada stretches back nearly a century. The company acts as an exclusive distributor for Bauer Drills, Klemm Anchor and Micropile Drills, RTG Piling Rigs, Pileco Diesel Pile Hammers, HPSI Vibratory Pile Hammers, WORD International Drill Attachments, Dawson Construction Products and Grizzly Side Grip Vibros.

In order to provide its customers with more advanced equipment solutions, ECA expanded its drilling and pile driving offering to include the PMX Power Mixer and PF Pressure Feeder Soil Stabilization Systems from ALLU. The agreement gives ECA exclusive rights to sell and rent the systems in the Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canadian Provinces.

“Having ECA as the ALLU Stabilization Equipment distributor will provide end users with the best service in the industry, specialized knowledge, and the finest equipment for soil stabilization and remediation,” says Edgar Chavez, president of ALLU North America. “ECA and ALLU share the same values when it comes to business ethics, customer satisfaction and retention, so this is an excellent partnership and we are excited to work with ECA as our long-term partner.”

The components — including the Pressure Feeder, Power Mixer, Control System and 3D Positioning System — collectively function with an excavator to provide mass stabilization of low quality soils. The process involves mixing binder into soft soils such as peat, clay, sludge and slurry to provide a stable layer for access. It can also encapsulate and process contaminated soils.

Based on an already successful business relationship, leading members of the ECA management team embarked on a visit to Finland to see how the ALLU equipment is manufactured first hand.  During their short, they were able to inspect the ALLU factory and meet with ALLU staff.

“Although their schedule was busy, and their stay short, we were delighted to host our colleagues from ECA,” says Marjut Lindroos, marketing manager for ALLU. “During our factory tour we were able to show ECA that the ALLU equipment is manufactured to the very highest standards.”

ALLU attachments are designed to operate in demanding environments on a variety of materials. The company operates from seven regional offices and global distribution. For more information, go to